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February 24, 2009

The Point Where Wingnut Heads Explode?

Posted in: economy,random wingnuttery

Throughout the history of civilization, profound questions have tested scholars, philosophers and citizens through the ages. None more perplexing than this: where is that next exact moment where wingnut heads explode?

They are volatile little people. It could be anything, really, that sends them, once again, down the shrieking path.

Let’s go to the transcript from yesterday’s press briefing at the Obama White House to peek at a strong contender:

MR. GIBBS: …The President campaigned on a promise to ensure that money would get into people’s pockets that had seen their wages decline over the past few years. And he made good on that promise through the recovery plan, and believes that will have a stimulative effect on the economy.

The President has also talked about in some form or another letting the tax cuts for the top 1 or so percent either be repealed or expire, because the President believes that after many years of having a tax code that favored the few over the many, that a combination of both the recovery plan and what may or may not be in the budget for future years begins to right the tables a bit on who this tax code is written for and the people that deserve to be part of the benefit now.

Note how Gibbs successfully lays out the sort of reverse socialism folks in the top 1% in this country have gotten the last few years. How he succinctly makes plain that "screw you, I got mine" is not a viable long-term strategy for national fiscal health.

Cue the shrieks in 5…4…3…

The devil is absolutely in the details on every single one of these plans. No question.

Read through the whole of the Gibbs presser, you’ll find far too many open questions — including a colloquy with Helen Thomas on social security "reforms." If you are wondering, this particular issue? Not strategically inspiring.

But this back and forth with Tapper, who clearly still believes in Market Gods and other bygone Wallet Makes Right mythos? And the succinct "suck it up and stop asking for yacht club dues handouts" response from Gibbs?

Something to savor. If only for a moment.

Quite the turnaround from Princess Milquetoast’s question avoidance syndrome. Thank gawd.

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