OLC: Even More GOP Obfuscation On Dawn Johnsen?

All signs point to yes.

Paul Mirengoff at Powerline has been the point man for the Federalist Society talking points on Johnsen’s nomination. And he recently went with the inaccurate hyperventilation technique here:

…Dawn Johnsen, President Obama’s aggressively radical nominee…

Note that for Paul, John Yoo and David Addington are jim dandy, and a government which willfully lies to you about violating the laws and your civil rights is a-okay.  But Dawn Johnsen? She’s "aggressively radical."

So much for adherence to the rule of law when it undermines one’s politics, I suppose.

Why the new spate of snarl at Johnsen? Because instead of sitting around twiddling her thumbs while waiting for the rule of law to become a priority for Harry Reid and the Obama White House, she’s teaching a course this fall at Indiana University Law school. Presumably because she’d like to earn a bit of salary for her family, which she moved to Washington while awaiting a confirmation vote that still has not yet been scheduled in the Senate. She may not have a confirmation vote in hand just yet, but she does need to feed her kids and pay her rent.

Guess that whole work ethic thing is less popular with GOP spinmeisters these days.

Why the knickers in a twist? Could it be the course? As initially reported at Blue Indiana, theLegal Times Blog has the background:

The seminar, which Johnsen has taught before, is aimed at 2Ls and 3Ls. It’s titled “Sexuality, Reproduction and the Law.” According to the course description, students will “explore governmental regulation of sexuality and reproduction in the United States. We will focus on regulation aimed at sexual activity, reproduction and sexual orientation, with particular attention to the constitutional protections afforded in those areas.”

Never mind that students came to Johnsen’s defense once before after right-wing smear attempts, saying about her teaching style: "Johnsen’s incredibly fair, intelligent and scholarly outlook, combined with her constant interest in hearing all viewpoints, made class both fascinating and a true learning environment."

Damn her, she made her students actually think! Evil! 

But why bother with facts when you can smear you way forward?  Never fear, dear readers. The Democratic leadership has this well in hand.

Via Roll Call:

“We’re working to get agreements on all the nominees that are pending,” Reid spokeswoman Regan Lachapelle said.

Feel the surging raw power of "We’re still working on it. No. Really."

Oh yeah. I’m so holding my breath on that leadership talk. Not.

Especially since this is the second go around for the "we’re negotiating a vote schedule" story, which ended with bupkis last April, too.

So why bother to keep pushing on something that Democratic leadership hasn’t bothered to prioritize? Because the nation desperately needs principled leadership on the rule of law. And I’m going to keep saying that until we get it.

Plus, the right needs to be called on their fundraising and "lies, smears and innuendo aimed at decent people who got in their way" tactics. Might as well be by me, I suppose.

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