Sunday Cuppa

We’re all individual threads, but together, we become infinitely stronger. 

A reader sent this along and it made me smile. 

Thought I’d share it with all of you:

I became Travis’ big brother when he was just 6 years old. He was a cute kid who lived with his Aunt who was and continues to be a terrific influence in his life. I had already been in the Big Brothers program for a few years in Miami and in Boston (during college). Matches usually last 2-3 years as someone often moves away, or grows up. I expected a couple year run with Travis. Tomorrow, 20 years later, I’ll stand next to Travis as his Best Man in his wedding. He stood next to me at my wedding 12 years ago, and for all the years in between – through thick and thin – we’ve been a part of each other’s lives….

Once when I was a federal prosecutor trying a civil rights case I brought Travis to sit through closing arguments. It was a criminal case where a racist had tried to keep a black woman from moving into his Broward County neighborhood through physical threats. He sat through the hours of argument perfectly behaved (imagine an 8 year old sitting still for 2 hours). When the verdict came back “guilty” he rushed into the well of the court and started hugging me (actually he hugged my leg given his height). I asked him what it meant to him and he said: “It means me or anyone can live anywhere we want to.” I had prosecuted hundreds of cases before and since – and many were much bigger or seemingly more important – but none had the poignancy of that verdict….

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the big things seem so much more important in our lives.

Much joy to Travis…and everyone else out there who has had a "Travis" in their lives at one time or another.

You be the change you wish to see? And look where that can get you.

Now that’s a Sunday message, isn’t it?

(H/T to J & T.  Much appreciated.)

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RevBev | Sunday July 19, 2009 05:46 am 1

On Sundays I teach 2 groups of kids with a variety of difficulties; mostly, I teach them God loves them and to tell the truth. They teach me alot….Cheers.

Did I miss it? Or has there just been too much other stuff…Did you get to tell us about your New Orleans trip? There’s been so much it seems long ago, doesn’t it? I think you beat the heat, if I recall. My best. B

demi | Sunday July 19, 2009 05:48 am 2

Preach it, Sister Christy!
A great Sunday message indeed.
Thought I share some words from a song the band I’m in is singing at a concert we’re doing this coming Wednesday evening:

Draw the circle wide.
Draw it wider still.
Let this be our song,
no one stands alone
standing side by side
Draw the circle wide….
Let our dreams we dream be larger,
than we’ve ever dreamed before;
Let the dream of peace surround us
Lasting ev-er more.

RevBev | Sunday July 19, 2009 05:54 am 3
In response to demi @ 2

Awwww, Good Morning Demi, dear: Looks like a good beer day…but my best source is closed on Sunday. Maybe epsom salts will do; Im in the mood. How are you, hon?

demi | Sunday July 19, 2009 06:07 am 4
In response to RevBev @ 3

I’m doing pretty well here. Although, it’s awfully Warm. Only got down to 80 last night. Well, it is summer and all.
I’ve been busy at work, getting sonny ready for camp, organizing and rehearsing for a concert we’re doing at church. We’re having it outside and because it’s amplified, I’m hoping to attract some of the Park folks from across the street. Hoping to feed the hungry, I chose to make it a potluck event so that we’d have plenty of chow to share. After Wednesday, I’m taking a much needed breather. For a day or too any way.
Beer sounds great for this afternoon, when we finally get home after church and doing a rehearsal and sound system set up and check.
(Is it afternoon yet, she asks in anticipation?)

demi | Sunday July 19, 2009 06:17 am 5
In response to RevBev @ 1

Thank you for teaching the kids that they are loved, and unconditionally so! We all benefit from knowing that.

Elliott | Sunday July 19, 2009 08:27 am 6

Go Travis, best wishes.

Thanks for the Sunday joy, Christy.

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