Sarah Palin: Basic Civics, Not Her Strong Suit

school-house-rock.jpgCriminy. The woman has been governor of Alaska for the last few years. 

She just finished a run at the Vice Presidency wherein, by admission of McCain campaign staffers, they tried to stuff her brain full of governmental knowledge in massive cram sessions for the Veep debate.

And THIS is what comes tra-la-ing out of Bailin’ Palin’s mouth on ABC?

But when I asked Palin if she ever decided to pursue national office again, as she did less than a year ago when she joined Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in the race for the White House, wouldn’t she encounter the same political blood sport? Can such ugliness ever be avoided?

Palin said there is a difference between the White House and what she has experienced in Alaska. If she were in the White House the "department of law" would protect her from baseless ethical allegations.

"I think on a national level your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we’ve been charged with and automatically throw them out," she said.

There is no "Department of Law" at the White House.

Why do I feel the need to express mail a copy of the full School House Rock cartoon DVDs to Palin with a lovely hand-penned card telling her to watch the whole thing and take notes?

"Department of Law." Robert Jackson is turning over in his grave right now.

Note to Sarah:  The Department of Justice are not the President’s own, personal attorneys, despite what Dick Cheney may have told you.  Read up on some basic civics before you hurt yourself.

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