SCOTUS: Bob Corker’s True Colors

the-emperors-new-clothes-sid-caesar.jpgWhy am I getting that "true colors shining through" feeling here from strutting peacock Sen. Bob Corker:

Sen. Bob Corker blew off his meeting with Sonia Sotomayor last week. Hobbling along with her leg in a cast, she was 10 minutes late and he said he didn’t feel like waiting. “I decided to proceed on to the next meeting,” he told a Tennessee Press Association breakfast in Chattanooga.

Lest you think that Corker is a GOP anomaly, I give you exhibit B:

Despite the fact that Senate conservatives had repeatedly vowed to give Sotomayor a “fair and respectful process” that gives her a “fair opportunity to provide full and complete answers” to any questions about her record, Corker is now the second GOP senator to refuse to meet with Judge Sotomayor. Last week, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) also blew off his meeting with Sotomayor and announced that he made up his mind vote against her nomination in 1998 — eleven years before she was actually nominated.

Our nation is run by temperamental three year olds.

Just when you think you can’t find anything else to laugh about…

(H/T to twolf1.)

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