Slap My Ass And Call Me Sally: Best Damned Idea In Ages

img_2039.jpgBest idea I’ve seen in ages:

I heard a friend suggest that our congress people be required to wear NASCAR uniforms bearing the logos of their “sponsors”. Of course, it would be a lot of logos for some of them, so maybe only the logos of the top ten or fifteen “sponsors”. Anybody here good with Photoshop? Maybe start with the senate since there’s only a 100 of them?

Oh please, please, please let’s come up with a way to do this. It would be such a crazy hoot.

In fact, who would be the first one you’d want to see?

I’m picking Steny Hoyer, just for shits and giggles. Apple red satin, gold piping and a backdrop of small greenbacks up the sleeves, just for kicks.

Or maybe a line of bobblehead dolls with matching collection plates and black tie fundraiser ensemble packs.

Because there is so much money in politics, wouldn’t it be nice to have visual aids?  Especially some really tacky ones which get the point right across for all the world to see. 

So many possibilities, so much time to play with them.

I just know that people can come up with something way, way better. Can’t wait to read.

UPDATE: I got some links to a couple of places where the "candidate logo" has been done before. From the 2008 presidential campaign, it’s not the best of looks for McCain and Obama. And another from way back in 2006. Still funny, though — and ripe for better graphics, if you ask me.

(Huge h/t to rickpetes for the enormous belly laugh I had with this. You rock. And another to twolf1 for finding examples of it being done already. Hilarious.)

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