OLC And The US Senate: Nightmares From The Chamber Of Snorers

Oh, good lord.  Save me from this idiocy and self-inflicted wound licking from the bipartisan zombie crew.

First, via Joe Sudbay’s rapier sharp analysis, we have this example of gen-u-whine genius from Sen. Max Baucus:

Now, if I was a Republican, I’d be laughing my ass off right now. Max Baucus is basically writing the t.v. ads for the opponents of health care reform. If he gets Obama to commit, ads will start running showing Obama saying he wouldn’t tax benefits. That’ll freak out the White House and the Democrats on the Hill. Also, if Obama breaks his campaign promise, Republicans will paint him as just another politician. That will surely damage the brand — Obama can only screw over so many constituencies before he does look like just another craven pol.

I don’t expect Max Baucus to have any strategic sense. He’s been in the Senate too long. But, doesn’t anyone in that body have a lick of political sense? For christ sakes, in 2006, there were 55 Republicans. Now, there are 40. Democrats have been winning because they promised to solve problems — like health care. The American people aren’t hoping that Baucus gets Republican votes. They want the damn problems solved.

Amen, brother.

But reading that in tandem with this from Roll Call (via Think Progress) regarding continued intransigence on Dawn Johnsen’s OLC nomination, just sent me through the fricking roof:

I would hope that people would search their conscience and try to get these done,” Reid said, explaining that procedural motions that he could employ to clear the nominees would eat up too much floor time. “It would take until the summer, until we finish the July recess and beyond, for us to get this done, filing cloture on every one of these. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Yes, heaven forbid you go to the mattresses for a highly qualified candidate on principle or anything. More cheesiness with that tepid whine?

History hates you when you preside over a self-inflicted train wreck. Especially when it’s one you’ve already inflicted on yourself once before.

The Democratic "leadership" (and I use that term loosely) and the Obama White House political team had better get their act together on these procedural failures of will. And quickly.

Because squandering a responsibility to govern — well and wisely — may be unforgivable given the crushing weight of so many enormous problems bearing down on average Americans all at one time.

There is no reason not to approve Dawn Johnsen, other than a lack of political will on the part of a whole host of people who simply lack the skill, the savvy or the interest to get the job done.

We all deserve better than benign neglect. All of us. 

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