Pull Up A Chair…

Boy did I need a few days to recharge. It’s a travel day for me today. But I wanted to give you all a few things to think about:

This picture from NASA rocks my world. And the Kepler spacecraft has begun it’s search for other "Earth-like" worlds.

— Researchers have isolated a fungus that may have something to do with colony collapse disorder and honeybees.

This is a problem for beekeepers. As they share combs among hives and use the same equipment to clean multiple hives they can inadvertently spread the spores, infecting other colonies.

According to the USDA, one in three mouthfuls of the American diet directly or indirectly benefits from honeybee pollination. Bee pollination is responsible for $15 billion in added crop value, particularly for specialty crops.

Science is just fascinating, isn’t it?

— The Ocean Futures website, home ot the Cousteau Institute, has some fascinating stuff on it worth perusing.

Caribbean coral reefs are experiencing increasing declines of fish populations. California waters are also experiencing sharp declines of some species while others are still struggling.

Polar ice? Still melting too rapidly.

What’s been catching your eye — or imagination — lately? Pull up a chair…

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