Jeepers, It’s Fox News Anti-Tax Tea Party E-Mail Gathering Astroturf Day With Super-Duper Patriot Glenn Beck!

beck-poster-rev.jpgDid everyone send out their Fox Fans Fox News Anti-Tax Tea Party post cards for today?

No Fox News branding intended, of course. Just good, clean American original fun with no astroturfing help from corporate lobbying groups and big money donors involved whatsoever. Nothing foxy here. Nope.

Unca Rupert just wants a good turn-out for his personally manufactured ratings bonanza and e-mail gathering on the side. 

Unca Rupert’s already given valuable op-ed space to Glenn Reynolds in the Murdoch-owned NYPost and now in the Murdoch-owned WSJ to flog the tea party marketing ploy that Dick Armey’s Freedom Works employees have so graciously (and without any underlying client lobbying interest whatsoever, no siree) flacked out to the helpful folks at Fox News.

Who then bent over backward to help their Murdoch-owned Fox News ready-made audience show up to the very events they are covering live, with no interest in ratings whatsoever, no siree.


Although, honestly, who wouldn’t want to spend a whole day with Glenn Beck, one of the leading lights of conservative spew thought?

When a liberal activist group accidentally put a 30 second citizen generated ad featuring a comparison between Bush and Hitler on its web site, the political establishment goes nuts.

Glenn Beck, a highly paid television pundit spends an entire hour comparing…Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini to Obama and the political establishment acts like it’s perfectly normal.

That any of these people dare to compare themselves to the Founding Fathers of this country? Beyond disgusting. You’d have to be an utter rube to think the likes of any of these folks aren’t about one thing and one thing only: promoting themselves.

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