A Moment of Ahhhhhhhhh

Just a few of the many things that made me giggle today:

— "Nation’s blacks creeped out by all the people smiling at them."

— Apparently, we’re all John Galt now. The stupid, it burns. And burns. And burns.

— "Butt boys"?  Oh, the horror. 

No one could have predicted.  Nosiree.

— *sniffle*

—  Frightful, indeed.

— Perhaps this is the reason that McCain’s gotten so surly again? (Thus answering the age-old question: oh, yes, you can overdo it.)

— I love Tilda Swinton. Sometimes, you just need to say it out loud. Or type it. Whatever.

— Dammit! I missed square root day!

— Months later? Still makes me laugh out loud. (YouTube) Good lord, I love this show.

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