A Note Of Thanks…

thank_you_typewriter-700434.jpgJust a small note of thanks to everyone for making yesterday easier for me with your grace and care.

Thank you, one and all.

Much love,

Pull Up A Chair…

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road…

As you all know, the last year and a half have been tough on the Smith family. It has been beyond exhausting juggling everything that has been flung our way.

But when you try keeping eighty bazillion balls in the air at one time when you have lupus?

Apparently your body decides to get even with you. And, let’s just say, mine is doing so at the moment.

Because lupus is a lifetime illness, I have to focus on better day-to-day management, something that hasn’t been enough of a priority for me.  And I have to do it starting now.

What does it mean in terms of FDL?

I’m going to have to step away from blogging for a while, because I want to live to see the woman that The Peanut will become as she grows up. And I want to grow old with Mr. ReddHedd, who may just be the best husband on the planet and is most certainly the love of my life.

It is a tough thing to do at the ripe age of 40 — face your own potential mortality.  But suddenly I’m doing it with a far clearer perspective not just on what it means for me, but also for my wonderful husband and our precious child.

This is a hard decision to make but, for once in my life, I have to put my own needs ahead of everything else…even though it really hurts to walk away from something I’ve put so much of myself into the last few years. But we have to do everything possible to get this current health issue under control.

What that means on down the road is anyone’s guess — lord knows keeping my mouth shut about policy issues that piss me off isn’t exactly my forte. But I’m trying to take it one day at a time.

I have loved meeting and working alongside all of you, from the very first day when it was just me, Jane and about 4 comments a post on any given day. It is a glorious thing to behold to see what an active, vibrant community the whole of FDL has become, and what a catalyst for change such a dedicated group of voices can be when they are raised together. (more…)

Friday Muppet Blogging

This is just wrong.

So, so wrong.

Health Care: Dividing and Conquering The Barbarians At The Gates

What has struck me forcefully about the so-called “health care debate” is how little actual issues debate there has been. And how much orchestrated noise from paid operatives has been ginned up to distract the public from the real prize: real reforms. Bill Moyers has a profile up on Dick Armey’s Freedomworks astroturf extravaganza that needs viewing far and wide.


Slovenian landscape via bslmmrs. Lovely.Taking a little time off today to take care of some things. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Drop me a note on what’s on your mind or catching your eye in the news in the comments.

And take a little time to enjoy life and exhale a bit…

Tortured Logic: Dangers Of The Slippery Slope

PBS Now recently interviewed Lt. Col. Stuart Couch on our treatment of detainees and the dangers of the slippery slope of torture. Couch is incredibly honest and open in the interview, and it makes for some compelling viewing. As Couch Says: “We cannot compromise our respect for the dignity of every human being. And that goes to somebody that is alleged to have committed heinous crimes against citizens of this country. That doesn’t change the immutable characteristic that they’re still a human being, and it’s a slippery slope that in the name of national security we decide to compromise that.”

Has Anyone Asked Alice?

Every single time the name Alice Fisher appears in a potential DOJ corruption story? My spidey sense goes off. In this particular case, with the intersection of Alice Fisher, Jack Abramoff, Robert Coughlin and the DOJ’s vaunted criminal division? That’s where it starts getting interesting…

Saturday Potluck

There is something about the quiet calm of the people in the foreground and the curious winding road in the background that drew me to this photo. The composition is beautiful, and the colors are stunning.
But it is the Razor’s Edge searching feel to the seated person in the picture that truly draws me in and makes me want to stay there.

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